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Doula-ing from the Heart

Providing Birth Doula Service & Child Birth Education for All Pregnant Women and Families

"Let me take a moment to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Nothing brings me as much bliss as supporting and empowering women to have the birth experiences that they desire and deserved. No matter how you choose to give birth, natural or caesarean birth, know that it is absolutely your choice, and you deserve to be honoured and supported in your decisions. As a doula, my role is to provide educated, loving support and guidance to you and your birth partner during pregnancy and labour time. I’m your birth companion, offering sound advice and always ready to support your heartfelt decisions – no matter what"

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Warda Yusoff

Hi everyone! My name is Warda Yusoff . I’m born and raised in Singapore , since 1977. I'm a graduate from Singapore Institute of Management-University of London , School of Economics with Bachelor of Science In Business (Year 2006).

I started out my career in financial institution and after working in a corporate world for 12 years , I decided to bid goodbye and embarked on a journey to explore life. I’m passionate about helping others and has the natural ability to nurture and guide . I’m patient, forthcoming, and empathetic , always ready to give practical advice as well as kind words of support. 

During spare time , I love reading , travelling and volunteering . Over the years I’ve volunteered and worked with people from all walks of life , from children , youth , women , families from lower socio-economic background and was involved in many charitable projects in Singapore and internationally.  

Before becoming a Birth Doula , I was working for an International Charity in Indonesia where we set ups education centres across villages  to promote English language for the children in remote islands of Riau, Indonesia.  I was also an interpreter negotiating projects between the NGO and Indonesia government , working with international volunteers and funders from all over the world . The job I was holding was fulfilling and hectic . Not until, an angel name Nik who is the founder of Nik's Bodywork came to my life and introduce the “Doula World” to me.

Since then , my world changed and the soul calling of becoming “a servant to the pregnant women” was so deeply felt . I sat for my doula training conducted by Ms Ginny Phang from Four Trimesters Singapore and my childbirth educator training with Tanya Cawthorne, Birthwell Birthright ,  Australia.  Simultaneously, I picked up “bodywork magic” with my hands and had undergone intensive training with Nik who was a Pregnancy Massage Trainer & Expert from Nik’s Bodywork, whom eventually became my mentor and birthing guru. BLESSED! 

I've attained my Birth Doula Certification from DONA International and also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. 

During my Doula Training days , I spent a lot of time with my guru (Nik) in Indonesia.  We had the opportunity to train with a village midwife in a birthing centre and OBGYN in hospitals,  supporting birthing women and working with them through their breast feeding journey. 

With Nik’s wisdom and guidance, I’m now an expert in Perinatal Massage Bodywork and has acquired ancient practice knowledge on how to support post-partum mums in “herbal wrap abdomen treatment”.

I’m a firm believer of “life-time learning”. Since I started , I’ve attended several Doula Conference with Doulas all over the world and I’ve completed Spinning Babies developed by Gail Tully and Reiki-a Japanese form of energy healing and alternative therapy. In 2018, I had the opportunity to attend birth psychology workshop "From Womb to World-The Journey That Shapes Our Lives" conducted by Anna Verwaal from Netherlands.  

With all the ancient and modern contemporary knowledge and skills, I took all the tools I’ve mastered and incorporate it in my daily work, giving my BEST to all the mums that crossed my life. 

As an experienced Birth Doula working in the Singapore since 2012.   My personal experience includes supporting women in hospitals and birthing centres, drug-free births( includes water birth ) , working with both obstetricians and midwives mainly in Singapore system.  I’ve also supported women birthing in Malaysia, Indonesia, Switzerland and United States of America.  

My services includes, a pre-natal home visit to get you prepared for labour at home and in the hospital, phone counselling and pregnancy coaching, birthing time doula services, a post-natal visit, and referrals to my large support community of mind-body wellness experts.

My job is to create space for birth partner to provide more intimate and meaningful care for the mum’s. It’s my duty to help women focus on your most important job – delivering a “healthy, happy baby” into a “peaceful, relaxed world.”

As a Child Birth Educator , my goal is to give pregnant women and their family the attention and knowledge she needs to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and labor process. 

To learn more about me and the services that I offer, please get in touch.

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Support Services

How I Assist



As your doula, I will ensure that you and your family are well supported during pregnancy, labour and post-partum period. I would love to meet with you so that you understand what services are available and suits you.

Free Session Via Zoom or FaceTime

Duration: 30 mins  

Home Prenatal Visits


"It’s important to know that hiring a doula doesn’t guarantee a specific medical outcome, but knowing that you have a trusted person by your side can make a significance difference emotionally."

The prenatal visit includes : 

  1. Getting to know you and your partner 

  2. Writing out Birth Plan & Preferences.

  3. Understanding the Physiological and Stages of Births

  4. Pain Management options in labour and birth .

  5. Going through with you different types of medical procedures and interventions commonly used during labour.


$250 for 2 hours sessions 

Virtual Birth Support

(Phone & Video Conferencing)


No matter when you need me, I will be there offering support. You will have professional on call support during pregnancy and labour - by text, phone and video-wherever you live or plan to birth.  

 $480 per birth support with 1 pre visit

Hospital Birth Support


"With my Birthing Guidance, I offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during and after birth. "

  1. If in labour , i will stay in close contact with you and be with you either home or hospital.  

  2. I will routinely check on how you’re doing and step in to  suggest different models or method for labour progression.  

  3. I will guide and suggest several alternatives of pain management techniques during labour . 

$1800 for 1 pre natal session & Support during labour 

Doula Service Full Package


I take on a limited number of clients at any one time to make sure I can give you the full care and attention you deserve. 

Doula full package comprises :

$2,500 nett

Includes : 

  1. Pre natal visits ( 2 sessions) 

  2. 24hours phone support from 36 weeks onwards and up to 6 months of age 

  3. Continous support during labour at home or hospital or BOTH

  4. Immediate support on breast feeding after birth

  5. Post natal visits ( 2 sessions)

Home Post Natal Support

Mother Holding Baby Finger

Pregnancy, birth and the early days of child rearing can be very scary and stressful. My role with my Postpartum Support service is to ensure that you kickstart your breastfeeding journey well and get the best information and care possible for you and your baby. No matter when you need me, I will be there offering support.

$250 for 2 hours session

Lamaze Childbirth Education


As a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, I strive to prepare parents to make informed decisions from pregnancy to parenting.  

With the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices as the foundation of our education and the only accredited childbirth education certification, I'm here to share Lamaze International philosophy in supporting women in advancing safe and healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting.  

By attending Lamaze class, women and partners will be equipt with evidence-based knowledge to be informed and prepared throughout the perinatal journey.​

Sign up for Lamaze class today!

Book your class now!

$380 nett per couple 

Duration: 4.5 hours 

All educational materials will be provided for students.

Perinatal Magic Touch - Healing from Womb to World


Aside from Birth Doula and Childbirth Education services , I offer additional services such as :

  1. Pre Natal Massage

  2. Induction Massage

  3. In Labour/Birth Massage

  4. Post Natal Massage & Ancient Herbal Wrap Treatment

  5. Lactation Massage

  6. Reiki 

Kindly refer to Nik’s Bodywork Webpage for details 

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Home: Birth Classes
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“I recommend this course to all pregnant mums . Although I had a Caesarean birth , the session has helped myself prepare physically and mentally , really get me excited about the birth . The information in the course was taught in a casual and friendly setting and covered all possible scenarios and topics , which is just what you need in order to feel relaxed and really get the most of out it. Warda also takes the time to really find out what you want from your birth and is extremely supportive of your wishes, doing all she can and more to equip you with information and tools to help you achieve it.”

Najah-Mother of 3 boys

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"As first time parents, we enjoyed the Lamaze Childbirth Class. It was engaging and packed with lots of information that was digestible , from understanding how birth works to pain management techniques. 

We learnt how to be in tune with our own emotions & body - tapping on our “innate ability” to trust the process  and how to birth the baby the way we envisioned it to be . 

Both my partner and I was informed about the different options of birthing and situations that we may end up with. 

The class also emphasised on how women, together with our husbands/birth partners , can be EMPOWERED to make decisions which were right for us, banishing our fears and create a positive gentle birth experience and loving environment for baby- our future and family"

Nurul Ashiqin & Muhammad Zaki

Home: Testimonials


My journey with Warda started with prenatal massages, which was thoroughly enjoyable and helped ease my pregnancy aches and pains. My decision to appoint her as my doula subsequently proved to be most beneficial to me as she helped me achieve the VBAC that I desired! I believe her massages and advice pre-delivery resulted in a quick and smooth delivery, more than what I had hoped for. I strongly recommend her services to those hoping to achieve a natural delivery.

Silke, Successful VBAC Client

Home: Testimonials

Only with trust, faith and support can women allow the birth experience to enlighten and empower her.  Thank you Warda for your birth doula and childbirth class support. I had 2 magical birth experience,  both natural with Warda. She's superb!

Zayanah ,  mother of 2 children

Home: Testimonials

Training & Credentials


Perinatal Bodyworker , Jamu Herbal Wrap,  Breast Feeding & Reiki Practitioner


Certified Doula CD(DONA)


Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE)


Featured in Sassy Mama SG

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